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  • Experience

    The practice of law requires knowledge, skills and precision. Working in a variety of legal areas, with projects ranging from complex multi-million-dollar acquisitions to simple two-party transactions, allows us to draw upon our years of experience to assist clients in finding sensible, efficient solutions to their legal issues.

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  • Innovation

    When you seek legal assistance you’re not just asking for documents, you’re looking for guidance, someone to care about your issues and walk you through the process. At Hoyt & Morain Law Firm we view the practice of law as more than a business. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve forged over the decades with our clients and our communities, and we look forward to building many more in the years to come.

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  • Relationships

    We believe in constant and never-ending improvement. We actively seek new ideas and fresh methods in working with our clients, and we invest heavily in new technologies and systems that set us apart from other firms. You can trust that we will keep up with the latest developments to assist you in finding sensible, efficient solutions to your legal issues.

We pride ourselves with being able to provide our clients with the individualized attention that they deserve. From the initial meeting, our firm seeks to connect with each of our clients. We listen to their stories. We listen to their needs. We work best when we establish a relationship with our clients. Having to deal with the stress of needing an attorney to do anything can be overwhelming. We strive to ease that stress with the assurance that you are our priority. We look at each client as an opportunity to create a solution that will bring peace of mind. We bring compassionate support and informed guidance. 

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We Connect. We Innovate.

We Build Relationships.